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All about Sticpay Cards

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When humanity was facing a new type of technology and improvements in the sphere of payment services, the idea of Prepaid cards came with the goal to make life easier for users around the world. The main difference between prepaid cards and debit cards is that prepaid cards are not linked to the user’s bank account; users need to load money in advance, then start to spend it online, withdraw it and make payments. In this short article, we will write about one of the famous prepaid cards called ‘Stic card’, we will discover why this prepaid card can be a good choice for any user.

Sticpay Card & Its Features

The Sticpay global e-wallet is providing the Stic Card for their customers. Simply anyone that has a Sticpay account, can request a physical prepaid card of Stick after completing the personal information, identification, and verification steps. The Stic card is allowing users to use their funds in their Sticpay e-wallet account anytime; also withdrawing money from the ATMs in case of cash needs. The Stic cards are trusted by financial legal authorities, it can be charged directly by the Sticpay account and used by the card, it is available for customers to use the prepaid card in offline purchasing, withdrawing cash by using the ATMs. Should be noted that there are some countries that are banned for using these services in their location also there is a totally safe atmosphere in the use of Stic cards and Sticpay accounts anywhere and anytime.

Why to choose Sticpay

The main point for customers is to know why the Stic Card can be counted as the best option for their needs. In this case, we decided to mention three main points that are making this prepaid card unique. The first point is about its broad geography; the Sticpay account will allow users to use their Stic Card all over the world in offline format and withdraw cash anytime by the ATMs in more than 174 countries. The next point is about equality; many different e-wallets are providing different level systems and according to these levels allowing their users to have access to special services and prepaid cards, but Sticpay accounts do not follow level systems and their cards are available for everyone. The important point is about the lowest fees that Sticpay is providing for their customers compared to other services in this sphere; it is 1.3% lower than others.


Definitely, the idea of prepaid cards is interesting and useful for many users around the world especially because it is not linked to their bank accounts. Sticpay and its Stic cards can be counted as one of the most effective and useful services that is available in today’s community. With all features that mentioned above, we can see that Stic Cards are not just useful for some group of people, but it also can be easy to use for anybody in any corner of the world.

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