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Corporate translations

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Corporate translations

Corporate translation services in terms of volume constitute the main bulk of our daily translation orders and inquiries. We work and translate for small and large businesses and corporations with offices in Canada and abroad and offer translation and certification services from more than 200 languages.

Corporate translations do not only have to be accurate, literal, and professional, but must also be delivered promptly.  Corporate clients operate on tight deadlines and we always strive to accommodate their requirements. We proudly deliver all translations on time and will be happy to discuss your needs and preferences to provide you with a customized corporate translation service.

Corporate translations cover a wide range of specializations and fields, be it technical, medical, engineering, business, accounting, banking, taxation, engineering or manufacturing sectors and can range from one page (commercial company register extracts, for example), to hundreds of pages of technical business reports. You name it, we translate any corporate documents.

Like with everything we do, quality is our priority and our translators based all around the world, are not only language experts, but are also familiar with the area and with the subject of the documents to be translated. Only true professionals are familiar with the terminology and often very tricky abbreviations of sector specific documents.

We can also arrange for transcription and interpretation services, which may be required for corporate meetings, be it in Canada or if held online. Please contact us for a consultation and we will be happy to advise you accordingly. If you have corporate documents to be translated for a specific meeting that also require interpreting assistance or SMM for, we will gladly offer you a special quote.

All corporate translations are performed in compliance with strict confidentiality rules and guidelines and you can rest assured that none of your corporate information will be disclosed to any third parties without your express written consent to that effect.

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