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Have you ever bought an investment grade bond?

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Investment Grade bonds are actually corporate bonds. To a trader who had not traded in investment grade bonds or corporate bonds, things might not occur naturally. But, just for your information, it is important to note that, this kind of investment grade bonds are issued by the private and the public corporations. Investment Grade bonds are released in the market, in order to be invested upon. This kind of the debt securities are usually released in the market for a number of purposes.

How are such bonds used literally?

Such bonds are nothing but the debt securities which can be used for various investment purposes. When one particular bond is being bought this money is given for a specific purpose to the ‘issuer’ of the bond. The investment grade bond while purchased by an investor can actually be a promise towards yielding specific returns on the given amount for investment.

Who can basically issue a corporate bond?

Anyone who is an expert in trading in bonds actually claims that a business entity can issue such corporate bonds at any point of time. Any particular business firm can bring such kind of investment bonds in the market, based on certain tailor-made requirements in order to raise funds. As per expert traders, such funds can be used for carrying out daily operations of a particular business. As a matter of fact, such funds can be utilized towards future expansion of the businesses as well. However, it is important to note that, the ‘Return on Investment’, remains to be clarified at the point of the bond issuance. This will help in inviting a good amount of investments.

Did you know that there are two ways of raising money via bonds?

Yes, you have heard it right! As a matter of fact, there are two ways to raise money by the corporate through bonds. One way is to float debt instruments. Another best way seems to be that the corporate can issue equity investments. Most of the experts had agreed to the idea that, debt is one of the safest options as it can really give a steady return on investment. Experts however, praise the effort of the corporate in raising money from such instruments. These kinds of instruments offer a safe way to raise funds without paying much interest amounts on bank loans.


Analysing the credit opportunities from such bond issuance remains to be an important aspect. Debt funds can help the corporate to repay their loans and improve the cash flow in the particular business. It goes such as that, the corporate firm continue to repay the major amount better known as the principal after a certain period of time. This certain period of time is conveniently referred by the experts as the ‘maturity period’. The interest generated from such investments is actually paid to the investor twice in a year. These are known as coupon payments. Such payments are usually done as per the norms of the contemporary markets.

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