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How To Check If You Had PPI

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Credit or loan takers should definitely check out with their respective providers whether they had PPI or not. This information is very important in order to claim the refund back. Check if you had PPI and can make a claim on time otherwise you will not receive your legitimate refunds.

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What to do?

  • Look into the documents: You have to go through your loan documents minutely in order to check if you had PPI and can make a claim for that. You should look for the product name of PPI in order to place your claim properly. Some valuable documents that you should go through in this respect are credit and original agreements and recent statements. If you want to know about the conditions and terms then you should check out documents like account cover, credit insurance, credit protection, loan care and other related ones. In most of the cases, besides repayment info, you can get PPI details.
  • Ask your concerned provider: If document details are not so much clear to you then, in that case, no other option other than contacting the provider will be left with you. If you have lost the provider’s number then you can get the same from your document itself. Dial the number and ask them about your PPI details. They will check their records and will let you know about the information you are looking for. They will even specify the exact name of the PPI product so that you can plan your claim process accordingly.
  • Go to any reputed claim management concern: If you think that you are not receiving adequate assistance from your provider then you can surely contact one of the most reputed claim management companies of your place. The company will take out every bit of information relating to your credit and PPI. In fact, this is the easiest option of knowing that whether your credit documents include PPI or not. These companies are very much helpful and the best part is that you do not require paying anything to them at the beginning. You just have to stay relaxed as everything will be done by your claim management concern only.

These are three key options that can definitely assist you to know whether you have suffered from a PPI mis-sold or not. It is very essential to check if you had PPI and can make a claim so that you can get justice legally. Your claim management company will help you file a proper claim as a result of which you can receive your refunds without any interruptions. You can utilise a perfect PPI claim tool as that will help in calculating the exact refund amount. PPI claims can now also be made on behalf of those dear ones who have already demised.

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