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How to Get the Best Remortgage Deal

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  • Why remortgage?

A remortgage is general seen as a means of raising/borrowing money against the value of your currently owned property. Money you can use for a holiday or a new car.

Quite often, simply switching your mortgage to another provider offering better rates of interest could save you money.

Also, remortgaging can be used as a way to consolidate all your debts; by lumping them all together under one new lending agreement. This helps keep repayments under control and could well save you a considerable sum each year.

Whatever your reasons for remortgaging it always pays to shop around!

  • Getting good advice!

Any mortgage is subject to the whim of market forces, interest rates fluctuate and in times of ‘depression’ a hike in rate could leave you in a desperate ‘negative equity’ situation, i.e. your property’s value falls below the amount owed on the loan (mortgage); so if you sold your house there wouldn’t be enough cash left to pay off the mortgage!

And, when negotiating a remortgage take into account all the ‘extra’ fees that will undoubtedly be applied; they can add up to a substantial sum.

There are a staggering amount of lenders out their prepared to offer you a remortgage. However the interest rates may vary wildly from one source to another.

It really can be a headache trying to wade through the thick treacle of financial options.

Then there are the ‘extras’, do you really need any of them? And is it in your best interest to have an interest-only or a repayment remortgage?

It makes absolute sense to seek guidance from an independent broker who has access to a multitude of lending companies. She will find the best rates and the find the right deal for you.

Unquestionably, any remortgaging should be undertaken responsibly with an eye to future interest rates and property values.

Shop around! But, get someone in the know to do it for you … an independent broker.

  • Finding a competent remortgage broker

A competent and ethically sound remortgage brokerage company will do its utmost to find you an appropriate lender. That even applies should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a poor credit rating.

‘Ethically sound’ brokers will readily advise you as to the most suited deals; be that an interest-only or a repayment option or a fixed or variable interest rate. What’s more, she’ll pick through all those ‘extras’ and direct accordingly.

  • A recommendation … The Loans Department

THE LOANS DEPARTMENT are a great example of a mortgage broker with all the credentials and all the contacts. They’ll advise if they feel it was in your interest to remortgage by taking up an offer of a lower interest rate; or find you the very best deal that’ll release cash into your hands.

Also, no matter that your circumstances are financially ‘unhappy’, bankruptcy, County Court Judgements, IVAS, THE LOANS DEPARTMENT will bend over backwards to track down an appropriate solution.

Visit their website now and make a simple, no commitment enquiry as to your requirements. You’ll soon get a response and more than likely a great result!

THE LOANS DEPARTMENT – Your home for mortgages, lending and more.

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