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The Effect of automation on the e-way bill

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As a part if the nationwide project of digitization of various public and private sectors, the introduction of the e-way bill is a major modification to the structure of India’s logistics industry. Under the GST regime the e-way bills are a crucial part of any business. We shall examine the role of the e-way bill in a business situation and also look at the effect of automation on the current state of affairs.

E-way bills – from the scratch

When a consignment of goods is transported from one place to another, the bill needs to be carried by the transporter and presented at every check-posts. This is tedious and time taking – a long queue of trucks waiting for hours at some inter-state check-post does not really help the industries. So, we have e-way bill. These are electronically generated documents that carry the details of the consignment, the consignor and the consignee along with all details of the vehicle.

The goals

The e-way bill had been introduced in 2018 with two distinctive goals – firstly to decrease travel time and wait time for transport vehicles; secondly to counter tax evasion. The e-way bills are generated on the government portal so, it need greater effort for anyone to avert or avoid taxes.

The terms of handling the e-way bill

It is usually generated by the consignor or the consignee at the beginning of transportation. Some crucial points regarding this need to be remembered –

  • AN e-way bill is required for every consignment worth more than Rs 50,000.
  • E-way bills have a certain period of validity – usually 24 hours for every 100kms of travelling.
  • In case of a delay one can extend the e-way bill by providing valid reason.
  • The transporter has to carry the e-way bill at all points. He can even generate the e-way bill provided that he is a registered transporter.

Perks of automated e-way bills

Although the whole idea of e-way bills is based on process automation, there are scopes for farther automating the affairs. For instance, it can be tedious for a business to keep track of al lconsignments at the same time. Automated e-way bill systems can help them streamline the process.

  • Advanced e-way bill software comes with a user interface that allows you to generate, update, and cancel e way bills on the go.
  • It would be simplified if the e-way bills can be generated from within ERP system and avoid hassle of logging into NIC or alternate sites.
  • It can help you calculate the distance between the source and the destination.
  • Alerts are sent to the users in case an e-way bill is updated, cancelled or delayed.

Thus if you use right software toautomate e-way bills, it can help you speed up your business operations and navigate the often confusing areas of the system with absolute ease.

Automation has hit the whole world with magnificent developments. A little help in the case of the e-way bills has largely made it accessible to the masses. It really does not leave a lot for the companies to think about.

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