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Top Reasons why Customers Face Issues while using Indian Payment Gateway

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The agony of payment failure gets on our nerves. Especially when the term “Payment failure” pops up when you are in an emergency. However simple the online payment process may seem, albeit it is a complex one. During the payment process, a single glitch can entirely nullify the whole transaction. Transaction failure happens quite a lot of time due to several reasons and with each payment failure, the security and privacy of both parties are compromised. Nevertheless, it also wastes important time and money.

There are two kinds of payment failures that usually occur during a transaction process. In the first type of transaction failure, the money gets deducted from the digital wallet or bank account and in the second type, the amount gets deducted from the account. The first type of failure is not much of significance except it wastes time. But the second type of payment failure is a major one because in this case the money gets deducted from the account but the receiver does not get a hold of it, and the same happens with some Indian payment gateways.

But whatever type of failure you come across, you need to understand the discrepancy that arises and the reasons behind such deviations during an online transaction.

Following is the list of common reasons why transaction failure usually happens:

Poor Internet connection:

One of the most common reasons why payment transfer fails is poor internet connectivity. Since the internet makes online transactions possible, you need to have seamless internet connectivity during the entire transaction process. There are also instances where users carelessly exit the browser or pause the activity while the transaction is still in the processing stage, this carelessness hampers the activity in the Indian payment gateway system. Due to this particular negligence of the user, payments get stuck white the amount is deducted from the user’s account. People need to be careful while making payment through any Indian payment gateway to avoid further complications.

Server Maintenance:

While someone is trying to send money, it has to go through an Indian payment gateway, bank or card provider first and then after getting their approval a transaction between two parties takes place. Payments made during systematic server maintenance hinders the payment process. If any of the bank, card firm or payment gateway undergoes downtime maintenance, the transaction gets rejected or sometimes stuck.

It is important for the users to be updated with the announcements of server maintenance. Users should avoid any kind of monetary transaction during the stipulated time frame because the payment process is highly unlikely to be completed.


With the initiation of online payments bank security has also been upgraded to get rid of any security threats and thefts. The system of financial organisations such as banks has created a system through which they track the spending pattern of the users. If the system suspects any abnormalities, it tends to block that particular transaction and sometimes even the account itself so as to impede any chance of corruption.

Wrong data:

The authentication system of the online payment process is very complicated and strict. It also follows a certain set of rules. If by any chance, the system comes across any kind of misinformation or inaccurate data, it instantly rejects the payment. So when writing the details of transactions users should be careful about it, to avoid time loss. Double-checking the data will help you get rid of any abnormalities that could restrict the payment process.

Overall, users should consider and recheck all the possibilities of restriction and failure during an online payment transaction process. Click to know more about the online payment process.

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