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What value SAP HANA holds for your business?

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SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system which is widely famed for its speed and performance. The software is known for its flexibility, speed, quality, performance and agility. It also allows you to analyze a huge amount of data and eliminate complexities so that your business can drive informed business insights.

In this blog, we will talk about how SAP Business One Hana brings real value to your business and why should you migrate it to this platform.

Bring Agility

This in-memory platform helps you gain an edge as it helps to gain actionable information the time and moment you want. With this platform, it is even more easier to focus on strategic tasks. With this platform, it becomes really convenient to focus on the right priorities and gain information at your ease. This helps you to make critical business decisions on the fly.

Highly secure

Keep your data highly secure with the most advanced and next-gen platform. Rely on the enterprise-ready platform and meet increasing business complexities head-on.

Schedule Management

Now, it is absolutely easy to schedule things. With this platform, it is no more hassle to expedite order delivery, cross check order status and reschedule sales order. Thus, it is incredibly easy to save high amount of time and schedule your sales order as per your ease.

Better decision-making

The in-built reports and dashboards enable real-time track of inventory, order management and helps to gain visibility where cash is rolling inside and outside the business. This entire process helps in performance gains and faster decision making.

Execute orders on the move

Do you need a platform that can ease the flow of your orders? Then SAP Business one HANA is the one you should invest your interest in. With this platform, you can instantly reserve current sock and reschedule inventory, stock, and replenish inventory almost immediately.

Ad-Hoc Analysis made possible

Do you need instant information on the fly with all the relevant information? You may trust SAP HANA to gain detailed insights on sales, finance, customer relationship management and more. With this in-memory platform, ad-hoc analysis is made possible and you can run and gain insights into the time and place you want to be.

Cash Flow Forecast

With this in-memory platform, it is really simple to dive deeper and have a look at your business cash flow status and forecast. This helps you to maintain the positioning of your business and seize new business opportunities.

Use Google-type Search

Reports that used to take hours or days can be had in a matter of minutes. And no matter how much data your business has in store, you can perform highly complex and data in a real-time.

Role and Privilege Management

Now assigning role is incredibly easy with this amazing platform. You can gain a high granular access control with utmost ease and flexibility. This simply means when a user tries to access any detail, the system performs an authorization check. The system will ask for specific roles and grant privileges according to that. As soon as the system verifies it, it grants easy access.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, businesses cannot afford to take actions on stale insights. This in-memory data platform support real-time processing for transactions and help you access the exact real time data. Thousands of global organizations rely on SAP HANA for good reasons for high speed, performance backups and disaster recovery. You can contact the best SAP Business One partner in India to discuss the main benefits of migrating to SAP HANA.

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