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Factory Evaluation –The Key To Success And Growth Of The Business

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The best quality manufacturing system as well as process is very important for the smooth functioning of a production unit. The end user or the actual consumer who wants to confirm that the product that he receives meets all the specifications must be provided with the exact details pertaining to the manufacturing process and techniques that are adopted by the manufacturer. Apart from maintaining up-to-date records of production process, manufacturing techniques, machinery and various equipments, various other aspects of the manufacturing unit such as infrastructure, security, environmental impact, energy efficiency, packing, transportation and distribution, etc. are also to be subjected to periodic evaluation. This kind of documentation will facilitate quick and easy identification of the right supplier or the right brand. When a buyer or consumer wants to gather detailed information regarding the manufacturer, the detailed evaluation of the manufacturing site as well as manufacturing process provide him all the desired information very quickly.

A part of supply chain management

When a buyer wants to select his suppliers globally, it may not be feasible for him to evaluate all the sources since the manufacturing units may be in different parts of a country or even in different countries. But it is very important for the buyer to ensure that the supplier whom he chooses is equipped with quality systems and has adopted the best manufacturing process. In such cases the buyer can rely on the reputed Factory Auditing service which can provide all relevant details pertaining to the manufacturing unit from where he will be receiving the products. The company that provides the factory evaluation service will be able to provide 100% reliable information within the shortest span of time with the help of the most advanced techniques. The manufacturing unit evaluation report enables the buyer to select the most appropriate supplier who is able to understand his quality requirements and can meet all the specifications. The detailed evaluation of the manufacturing unit of the supplier is essential for efficient supply-chain management. Further, it will help to avoid risks and facilitate successful implementation of the quality assurance program.

Know the present condition of your own factory

Evaluation of the own manufacturing unit enables the manufacturer to identify and fix the problems in the system which may otherwise affect the performance of the factory while executing major orders. On-site inspection makes the entire unit accountable from start to finish so that all defects will be identified and will be promptly eliminated. Monitoring of the production is very essential to ensure control as well as consistency. From the latest manufacturing audit report one can understand the present condition of the quality assurance system. The report will also provide accurate details pertaining to production capacity, facilities in the unit, present condition of the machinery as well as other equipments and also exact details regarding workflow. The factory evaluation process can be customized as per requirement so as to bring various other aspects also under its purview such as condition of procurements, energy efficiency, protection of environment, safety and hygiene and compliance to social responsibility.


Uninterrupted functioning of the supply chain and smooth as well as efficient functioning of the production unit are vital for the success as well as growth of business. Evaluation of the manufacturing unit of the potential supplier as well as the buyer is the best and the most cost-effective solution to most of the problems that may affect the efficient and smooth functioning of the business.

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