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Growing A Business: How To Manage The Human Aspect

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Logically, the growth of a company and the increase of its activity rhyme with the need to integrate new collaborators in a short time, Companies must then recruit one, two employees at a time, or even an entire team when a service must be created in its entirety.

The “human” dimension of human resources then becomes meaningful. The integration of these employees does not depend solely on the role they play within the company. It also involves efforts to integrate these new elements with a team or the company itself, to develop their well-being, to motivate them and to attract their attachment and investment in the company.

While it is easy to create and maintain cohesion when the team is composed of only a few elements, the task becomes complicated when new recruits, new temperaments, new working methods come to shake up the habits of a group. It is therefore necessary to define a precise HR policy that will serve as a common basis for federating employees.

HR policy as a cement of growing company

In order to carry out an effective HR policy in the context of the growth of a company , it is often necessary to set up an HRIS (human resources management information system). This system allows you to manage and automate human resource management tasks to save valuable time. These tasks are administrative (leave management, balances, expense reports), but also related to the employee’s career (personal file, skills, training) or procedures (annual interviews, occupational medicine, memos …) . The advantage of such a tool is to unify internal procedures and simplify the flow of information.

Increasing staffing also requires strong internal communication. It is essential that each employee understands the objectives set, the strategy in place and the organization of work to avoid frustration or demotivation. A problem that can affect new recruits who know little of the company, but also older employees, if the working methods evolve.

Integrating new employees is a sine qua non for the success of your company’s growth . It is necessary to make them aware of the identity, the corporate culture, and to provide them with all the keys that will allow them to find their place in the existing group and to develop there. To associate former employees with this evolution, it is possible for example to create a tutoring system: each new recruit benefits from a “trainer” who accompanies him during his first days in the company and inculcates the values ​​of the company, the working methods and the introduction to the tools used. A human and strategic approach that creates dialogue between the old and new generation and exchanges values ​​and skills.

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