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How Cryptocurrency ATMs Could Change the Game

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If you are reading this you are likely already at least somewhat familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies. These are the currencies that are not attached to any particular government or bank but instead exist only electronically. They can be traded for real goods or services or they can be exchanged back into one’s native currency at any point in time. They are highly useful for those who want to perform transactions online. Additionally, they are anonymous meaning that privacy is always a top priority.

Until very recently, those who wanted to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin needed to log onto a cryptocurrency exchange on their own computer to do so. That is just not the case anymore. Crytocurrency ATMs have now made these legendary coins more accessible to the general public.

CoinFlip Innovates The Entire Industry

One company that we all have to thank for bringing cryptocurrency ATMs to the forefront is a company known as CoinFlip. They have revolutionized the industry and made it a lot easier for individuals to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

The CEO and founder of the company, Daniel Polotsky, decided that he wanted to make the experience of getting involved with cryptocurrencies more user-friendly. He was not the first person to conceive of the idea of a cryptocurrency ATM, but he was the first person to make one that made the exchange as seamless as possible.

He personally used a cryptocurrency ATM when he was at Wrigley Field in Chicago and found the experience to be a little frustrating. He wanted to exchange some of his cash for Bitcoins but couldn’t do so easily. He had to end up meeting up with someone to do the exchange in-person. He thought to himself that there had to be a better way than this.

The Rise Of Paperless Money

The bitcoin ATMs that CoinFlip and others have pioneered have made the conversion to paper money a lot easier for a lot of people. We are increasingly in a world that doesn’t revolve around paper money in the first place. So many transactions are done via a credit card these days. Why not make things easier and safer by going to a currency that is completely online?

ATM access means that a person can walk into a location that has one of these machines and quickly make the conversion that they need to. Many choose to do so just to keep a bit of their money to the side. There are others who elect to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because they want to speculate on their values going up in the future. That is also a possibility. After all, a lot of people made a lot of money on Bitcoin over the years as it has had an incredible rise.

No matter the reasons for a person to decide to go into cryptocurrencies, it is nice to know that it is available to them if they want it. The world has changed a lot with the advent of the Internet, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason why our currency can’t change along with it. Some will even tell you that this is long overdue for everyone.

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