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Reasons Why Fasting Might Be Bad for Your Health

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Some nutrition experts tell you that you have to fast if you want to stay healthy and lose weight. The idea of fasting is easy to grasp. You only eat within a certain period and fast for the rest. The reason why you will easily lose weight is that you’re giving enough time for your body to digest what you ate. You will absorb every nutrient. Since you didn’t add anything, your digestive system has no choice but to get energy from stored fat, which helps in your weight loss efforts.

A lot of people who have tried doing this diet technique before can attest to its effectiveness. They started to lose weight and eventually felt great. Although it works in some instances, it might not always be the case. These are the reasons why you should reconsider fasting as a diet technique.

You can have a gastric ulcer

This illness could happen to you as a result of an empty stomach. When you don’t consume anything, your stomach’s acid level increases. This could lead to a gastric ulcer. It’s painful when you start putting food in your stomach. You will also require intense medication to heal completely. Therefore, it’s better if you eat several small meals during the day instead of full starvation. You can always prepare snacks for your bag, to munch on when you’re hungry. You can even have dishes made from semi dried tomatoes if you want something healthy and tasty.

You might still eat a lot during your window of eating

If you starve yourself for a long time, you might end up eating a lot when it’s time to eat. You won’t mind what you’re eating even if it’s not healthy. As a result, you will reverse everything you worked hard for. You will still gain weight since your meals in one sitting will make up for the fasted hours. You might even go beyond the daily limit.

It’s not sustainable

The problem when you decide to fast is that you end up becoming unhappy. You’re always grumpy because your stomach is empty. At some point, you might decide to break your plan. In short, it’s unsustainable. You’re forcing yourself to try a diet plan that will only work for a short period. Eventually, you will revert back to your old habits, or even worse.

You won’t exercise

Exercising helps you to stay healthy. The problem when you fast is that you’re telling yourself that you already did enough. You don’t have to do more to stay in shape. Even if we assume that fasting is a healthy method, it won’t be complete when you don’t have any physical activity. The worst part is that in order to do physical activities, you need to have energy. You can’t do exercise when you feel hungry.

You need to look for other ways to lose weight without starving yourself. You need a realistic plan that you can sustain for a long time.

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